What do you do if you and your honey are introverts and planning your wedding?

Like many people I am an introvert. I’ve taught myself to be comfortable around big groups of people however, so I can fulfill my job as a Maui wedding photographer. I compiled this list of tips for intoverts to help your wedding day not feel so daunting.

Me on my wedding day-

When I got married on Maui at the age of 26 my fear of being the center of attention made me convinced I really didn’t want a big wedding. In addition moving to Hawaii and having family spread out around the world helped me escape a traditional wedding for a smaller elopement. (See cheesy photo below, thats mee!)

Introvert wedding

I know there’s many a bride and groom out there who really can’t avoid having a big wedding and inviting 236 extended family members. Therefore this is for you… my fellow awkward people!

1. Engagement session

Engagement sessions are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and meet your photographer beforehand. You will get to know each other and it’ll make your wedding day a whole lot easier! However a photographer who makes you feel relaxed and have fun while shooting is super important!

Maui Engagement Photography

2. First look

Many people are either pro or anti first looks. Above all I think it’s a personal decision. If you are OK with seeing each other before the ceremony, it can really help to relieve nerves.

The thought of everyone’s eyes on you as you see each other for the first time can be overwhelming. If you can at least remove some of that stress by reassuring each other and getting the tears out beforehand, thats a win!

Introvert wedding

3. Rehearsal dinner

What’s that saying again? Failure to prepare is preparing to fail?! Skipping out on the rehearsal just means your wedding day will be more a bit more confusing. Being comfortable with where you have to stand and be, without feeling lost will really help ease the fear of the unknown.

4. Pick the right outfit

If you never wear heels, don’t wear heels! There are plenty of options for flats these days which are cute and fun! Same goes for the dress, wear something you feel confident and comfortable in. Discomfort will show and put you on edge.

5. Music

I’ve been into bridal getting ready areas that are soooo quiet, I swear you can cut the tension with a knife. Bust out the bubbly and put on your fave jams, the day will go much more smoothly if you relax and let it flow.

Introvert wedding

6. Have your guests join in on the first dance

I loved the Maui wedding I photographed where the couple did this, it really takes the eyes off the two of you but above all gets everyone all and teary eyed looking at their partner!

Introvert wedding

7. Exchange vows beforehand

Write your vows on paper or even a personalized vow book and take 15 minutes to sit together and express your emotions in private. Having personalized vows really makes your wedding much more personal and about the two of ‘you’.

I totally understand not wanting to say all those personal feelings out loud infront of a crowd of people, so think about carving out a little time to get that out of the way before the ceremony.

Introvert wedding

8. Assign a right hand man (or woman)

When you are stressed and feeling introverted on your wedding day, the last thing you want is people coming to you with questions over EVERYTHING. You just. want. to. be. left. alone. If you can assign your bestie, and make sure everyone knows to direct all questions to them and not you, it’ll make your day a lot less stressful and a lot MORE fun!

9. Cut the guest list

There is no right or wrong when it comes to YOUR wedding day. If you feel like a big wedding will be overwhelming, then do what feels right, it’s your day, and you want to remember it your way!

10. Elope

In addition to all the above, you could elope. Elopements are all the rage these days, and for good reason, the focus is on YOU. Not the guests, not the cake, not the color of the place settings. You can tailor the day exactly to your needs and no one elses. You can even jump in the ocean in your wedding dress if you heart desires, and no one can tell you not to!

Want a million more tips on making your wedding stress free? Lets chat.

Introvert wedding

April 25, 2020

Top 10 tips for an introvert on their wedding day.

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