When I do step in during moments that need it, I will give you photography prompts and not poses. This keeps the day flowing, the laughs coming, and the pictures effortless and natural.

I’m not going to book your wedding and then drop off the face of the planet before showing up on your day. I lOVE to help plan, (seriously, virgo here) and am happy to help you with your timeline so everything flows smoothly. I will assist you with your family photo list, and any questions you might have before the big day.

I make it a priority to make sure everyone is comfortable during your wedding day, and that you’re having FUN! Everything about your wedding day should be enjoyable, the photos included.

Hawaii is known for it’s beauty and relaxation and you want to experience all that Hawaii has to offer for yourself and your loved ones. What you don’t want is a wedding photographer who will take over your day and suck all the fun from your most special moment.

Having a photographer who will document the moments in the most discreet of ways without overwhelming you. Capturing the emotion and fun of the day without getting all up in your business.

You are coming to Hawaii to get married in paradise.

"Leading up to the wedding she was very professional and prompt in her messages and responses. She really listened to us to get an idea of what we wanted.
She spent the day with us and we couldn't be happier with the results. Even when the weather changed and temps dropped where we were all pretty chilly, she was still capturing the day and moments and the results were stunning. Even though we eloped; our friends and family said the pictures were so perfect and detailed that it made them feel as if they were there with us. We can't recommend Amy enough and we are so happy to have our special day captured by her. "


let me capture your magic!

- Janie and Fernando

You know the feeling you get when you find something at a store that you really want but you end up leaving without it? Then think about it so much that you want to go back and get it? And find all the reasons you actually need it, not just want it? This is exactly how I felt when my husband Fernando and I were searching for our photographer. I went through the instagrams, the knot reviews, the Facebook reviews and the websites of many. But there was only really one that I kept coming back to, and that was Amy Jayne’s. There was something about how earthy, natural, moody and organic her photos were that captivated us each time. We wanted and needed a feeling, a vibe, a spark while we tried to determine who we would want to do our engagement and wedding photos. Amy’s style fulfilled that. I knew I found something right away. But I let it sit for a while, contemplated and compared others that I liked, but all I could think about was how I could not have my photos done by anyone but her. Amy was wonderful from the get-go. During the phase we were getting to know each other and figuring out if it was the right fit, the process was smooth and seamless. It was easy, and I am a stress ball, so that says a lot.

let me capture your magic!

"She was an absolute dream to work with on our wedding day. My husband was very particular when picking a photographer and the fact that he was so happy with her speaks volumes! I am so thankful she was there to capture our special moments. Every time I look at the photos we got back from her, happy tears of joy come to my eyes. If you need a photographer in Maui, look no further!"

- Heather and Andy

let me capture your magic!

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