If you're feeling stuck, can't attract clients, or unsure of the best way to invest back into your business I can help! Let's hop on a call and chat all things business, 
I'm a trained life coach and my forte is figuring out what's holding you back in life and business, and making subconscious shifts so you can make conscious changes. I have skills in EFT, Time Techniques and Hypnosis so if you really want to go deep, I gotchu! (Side note: if you don't believe  that you create your own reality or are responsible for your change, this probably isn't for you.)

I've been in the photography business for over 13 years, and have built my business up from scratch to two 6-figure brands.


Book a free discovery call here

2 hour session | $555

1 hour session | $333

We can talk about anything from getting clients, work flow, sales calls, editing, shooting, goals, mindset, you name it!

This is a longer call where we can go more into your mindset and really dig into areas that you feel might be holding you back. I have a few tools I can use to uncover those blocks and you leave feeling lighter, clearer, and empowered. 

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