Despite the appearances, Maui can actually get pretty cold depending on the time of year! Robert and Eric had the most gorgeous vision of getting married on top of a volcano in Maui. However, none of us could have predicted how freezing it would be! They were such troopers though, and the results of their bravery really paid off. We took some beautiful portraits in front of their hotel in Wailea before heading up to their Haleakala elopement. After I delivered their gallery, Robert and Eric left me the sweetest note:

“We can’t stop looking at these photos- we love them!  We can’t thank you enough for capturing this day. The hotel room, beach, drive up, and ceremony; they all look so good and truly magical. You’d never know we were all freezing and about to be blown away haha.  We will definitely be sharing these photos and we will be sure to tag you so people know the mastermind behind the camera.” Eric & Robert

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Getting Ready: Andaz Maui | Officiant: Chrissy Kapoor

Detail shot of wedding band on vows book and Groom's shoes and wedding band in box
Groom getting ready tying shoes
Groom getting ready sitting down by sliding glass window
Groom getting ready sitting down by sliding glass window
Groom getting help buttoning shirt in hotel room
Groomm talking to friend while getting ready
Groom with green jacket on Getting ready
Groom just putting on white jacket in hotel room getting ready
Grooms cheering wine and drinking in hotel room
Grooms holding hands sitting on chairs looking out at the beach with palm trees
Grooms holding hands walking down spiral staircase
Bride and Groom standing on spiral staircase and about to kiss
Grooms holding hands outside on green in front of tropical plants
Individual portraits of Grooms in front of greenery
Grooms holding hands and walking on greenery with tall palm trees in front of them
Grooms walking on beach boardwalk and looking out at the ocean
Grooms kissing while walking on the beach by the water
Grooms holding hands and walking on the beach
Grooms kissing and holding hands portraits
Grooms holding hands and walking on open one way road
Grooms holding hands while standing on the open road
Grooms holding hands and looking at each other while standing on rocks
Grooms sitting on boulder together holding hands
Groom kissing Groom on the cheek while standing out on the beach
Closeup downward shot of Grooms holding hand
Wide shot of Grooms holding hand with the open sky
Grooms on the hollside holding each other close
Grooms holding hands with officiant out on the mountain side
Grooms putting leis on each other for Elopement Ceremony
Grooms putting leis on each other for Elopement Ceremony
Grooms holding hands and looking at each other listening to the officiant
Lower angle of Grooms holding hands and standing on gravel during Elopement
Groom reading vows to other Groom
Grooms saying vows to each other for Elopement
Closeup of Grooms holding hands on the mountain side
Just married Grooms holding hands and kissing
Grooms hugging each other by the side of the road with the sun setting
Grooms back to back standing on mountain road with view of the top of the clouds
Groom holding Groom from behind with clouds in sight
Grooms walking on mountain side and with cloud tops visible

July 7, 2022

Haleakala Elopement Photography

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