Briona and Chase’s intimate elopement in Honolua Hawaii was absolutely magical. We started the day off in the jungle in Honolua for a gorgeous first look. Briona and Chase are high school sweethearts, and they were just so in love with each other. Chase was so enamoured with Briona (it’s not hard to see why!) and they had so much fun exploring. Then we went to Ironwoods Beach for their elopement. It was a very simple and sweet affair with just their closest family and friends. After they said their “I do’s”, we walked around the beach to get some of the quintessential Honolua Hawaii elopement photography. Briona and Chase were absolutely stunning, and I was so inspired by their love for each other.

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Groom in Forest without tie
Bride tapping Groom on shoulder for first Look in forest
Bride and Groom leaning in to hug each other by greenery
Bride and Groom holding each other by greenery
Bride and Groom hugging and kissing in forest
Bride twirling by Groom's hand by greenery
Bride and Groom sitting on fallen tree trunk and nuzzling close together
Bride and Groom holding hands and walking in forest together
Bride and Groom kissing in green forest by large tree
Closeup of Bride and Groom;s feet on the ground of the forest
Groom holding Bride's hand and leading her through green bushes
Bride walking holding up wedding dress train and Groom holding back of wedding train
Bride and Groom kissing ad dipping by tree and greenery
Bride and Groom resting their heads against each other underneath tree
Bride holding Groom and touching noses in forest
Bride and Groom holding each other and kissing in forest
Bride and Groom standing side by side for seaside Elopement Ceremony with Officiant
Bride and Groom listening to Officiant for cliffside ocean Elopement
Bride and Groom listening to Officiant for cliffside ocean Elopement
Bride and Groom exchanging vows next to the sea
Closeup of Bride looking and Groom while giving vows
Bride putting ring on Groom for seaside Elopement
Just Eloped Bride and Groom kissing by the sea
Bride twirling close holding Groom's hand by the ocean
Groom holding Bride's hand leading by cliff side by the ocean
Scenery shot of rocky terrain into the ocean
Groom holding Bride from behind and kissing her on rocky cliffside
Bride holding Groom's face and kissing him on rocky ocean side
Bride and Groom kissing on rocky terrain next to ocean
Closeup shot of Groom's hand on Bride's arm with black wedding band
Bride and Groom kissing while standing in convertable charger car

September 30, 2021

Honolua Hawaii Elopement Photography

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