So you’ve decided to elope in Hawaii? That’s awesome, good for you! No matter whether you decide to elope OR have a big wedding in Hawaii, it should be what YOU want. Your special day should be about the love you both have for each other. And if that means including your friends and family, or hiking up a mountain in Maui and getting married alone, then at the end of the day it is YOUR choice and there is no right or wrong.

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Tell them BEFORE the wedding. Communication is key, so let friends and family know ahead of time that you’re going to Hawaii so it doesn’t come as a complete shock, and give them the time to air their concerns.

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Drop hints. Without dropping a huge bombshell. Trickle feed them pictures of elopements in the islands, talk about all the locations you’d love to get married. Think SUBTLE not in your face 🙂

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Send a wedding announcement. If you can send an announcement that also asks them to attend a party / reception/ gathering once you return that is the best way to include people. No one’s feeling left out. Pro tip – it’s probably best not to ask for gifts or have a registry if they are not being invited to the ceremony in Hawaii.

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Have your REASONS ready. Everyone is going to ask why you’re eloping in Hawaii, so be prepared to tell them. Is it because you’re saving for a house? Want to be alone together? Don’t like being center of attention? Wedding planning is too stressful? You want to have a day that truly is representing you and something you love to do? Whatever it is, be clear and stand firm on your boundaries if it’s something you feel strongly about.

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Choose a Hawaii photographer that really captures the moment. You need someone who can capture the moments and the scenery so that your family and friends can relive the day with you! Capturing the environment and scenery is very important if you want people that view the photos to really feel like they were there.

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Consider adding video. Your family can experience the wedding after the fact with a beautiful video in addition to your photos. You can even add live video so they can be there with you for the ceremony in real-time! The joys of modern technology!

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Invite who you like. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to your wedding day! You do you! If you want to have family there, do it, an elopement does not need to be only yourselves.

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Share your photos afterwards at an intimate party or dinner you’ve planned so you can share the moment with all your loved ones! Print some photos from your special day, have your slideshow on a projector and relive the moments with everyone!

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January 7, 2021

How to tell your family and friends you’ve decided to elope.

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