On a beautiful, sunny day in Hawaii, I had the great pleasure of getting to capture Tommy and Taylor’s gorgeous Hyatt Maui Wedding. Tommy and Taylor are both life coaches, and you can really see how perfect they are for their job. They both have such a zest for life, and their joyful outlook is just so contagious. The main focus of the day was on their love, so we kept things simple. Taylor did her own hair and makeup, and soon we were off to the beach to get these two lovebirds married. Everything was absolutely stunning, and we even got to take some gorgeous portraits during golden hour.

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Venue: Hyatt Maui | Florist: Country Bouquets

Detail shot of shirt and plaid coat hanging
Detail shot of groom adjusting sleeve getting ready
B&W Groom sitting in getting ready room before Ceremony
Closeup of Groom buttoning shirt
Portraits of Groom sitting and leaning on balcony
Portrait of Groom adjusting his jacket
Detail shot of wedding heels and Bride tying heels
B&W Of Bride holding bouquet after getting ready
Closeup of Bride holding white and pink bouquet
Portrait if Bride looking out window with friends and family looking at her
Bride looking in mirror putting on lipstick
Detail shot of wedding bands in plate
B&W Bride getting her hair done using hairspray
Detail shot of outdoor beach Ceremony area with pink rose arch
Detail shot of white folding chairs and white curtain arch on the beach for outdoor Ceremony
Bride awaiting Bride with officiant blowing a shell Ceremony
Bride arm in arm with father entering beach Ceremony
Bride and Groom hand in hand during beach homily Ceremony
Just married Bride and Groom kissing as they exit Ceremony
Bride and Groom holding hands and listening to officiant for outdoor beach Ceremony
Bride and Groom kissing each others cheeks for outdoor beach Ceremony
Bride and Groom holding hands at the alter and looking at the audience
Portraits of Bride and Groom looking at each other
Bride and Groom cheering Champaign glasses after beach Ceremony
Bride and Groom holding hands and walking on the sand together
Bride and Groom kissing out on beach by the ocean
Bride and Groom holding each other close on the shoreline of the beach
Bride twirling by Groom's hand on the beach
Closeup of Bride and Groom's face in front of the ocean
Groom holding and kissing Bride from behind
Bride and Groom holding hands and walking on stone sidewalk
Groom holding Bride from behind in front of the ocean
Bride holding Groom's arm in regal hallway
Bride and Groom kissing in front of sparkling leaf painted wall
Bride and Groom interlocking fingers in front of hot pink flower bush
Photo gradient of Bride and Groom looking at each other and palm trees
Bride and Groom holding hands walking together
Bride dancing with Groom for Reception
Bride and Groom dancing outside with the sunsetting
Bride and Groom giving speech at outdoor Reception
Detail shot of Reception table with flower centerpiece and table number
Detail shot of light bulb "LOVE" sign
Guests cheering cocktail at Reception
Lanterns hanging in the air with palm trees
Bride and Groom hugging in front of "LOVE" sign
Bride and Groom kissing at Reception table
Shot of guests sitting at Reception tables at dawn
Detail shot Mr and Mrs decor with floral centerpiece
Bride and Groom slow dancing together for outdoor Reception

August 9, 2021

Hyatt Maui Wedding Photographer

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