Jeff and Lizette met online on a dating app, and decided to come to Maui for their elopement wedding. When I tell you they are the most perfect match for each other I mean PERFECT. The way he looks at her, the way she looks at him. The love and respect. Not to mention Lizette was an absolute trooper in the rain and mud just going with the flow, THAT folks is the way you get the best photos, stressing on tiny details, just makes the whole energy of the day off. After all, you’re there together, to get married! That is all that matters.

Their wedding was in winter in Kapalua, if you come to Maui you know the winters are a little more unpredictable in terms of weather, it could be gorgeous blue skies and trade winds, or it could be sideways wind and rain. But inevitably we get rainbows and beautiful skies breaking through.

Couples often ask me, what do we do if it is ‘rainy in Maui’ on our wedding day? And the answer is, if its forecast a heavy storm that is unlikely to pass we try to reschedule or move the location. If we are forecasted just showers, such as Jeff and Lizette experienced we will try to work through it with umbrellas as these have been some of my most pretty weddings! Of course if you have a venue wedding then it’s a whole different ball game as you have a roof over your head.

There’s something quite magical about wandering through a jungle in Hawaii with the sound of the raindrops hitting the leaves.

I hope you enjoy this gallery as much as I enjoyed shooting it!

Amy Xo

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April 6, 2024

Jeff and Lizette’s rainy Maui Elopement Wedding in Kapalua

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