As many modern love stories begin, the start of Shayna and Dan’s love story is on Match.com. Shayna was born and raised in Maui, but headed to the mainland states to get her degree. Once she had finished school, she wanted to focus on her love life and signed up for Match. Shortly after, she met Dan, and the rest is history. These two lovebirds have been together over two and a half years, and they are so fun and adventurous. They love traveling together and trying new foods. Their Kamehameha Golf Course Wedding was so stunning and we all had such a great time celebrating the happy couple.

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Venue: Kamehameha Golf Course | Minister: Tino Rossete

Detail shot of pearl earrings heels and garter
Detail shot of wedding bands on invitation on green bush
Detail shot of wedding dress hanging on glass door
Bride getting hair done by hair stylist Getting ready
Bride getting help buttoning dress Getting ready
Portrait of Groom buttoning shirt and jacket
Portrait of Bride with white bouquet
Bride entering Ceremony with parents and Groom awaiting Bride Ceremony
Groom watching Bride enter Ceremony
Bride and Groom holding hands and looking at officiant during Homily for Ceremony
Wide shot of outdoor Ceremony of Bride and Groom holding hands
Bride and Groom looking at each other during Ceremony
Groom putting ring on Bride's finger during Ceremony
Bride and Groom laughing during Ceremony
Just married Bride and Groom kissing and exiting Ceremony
Bride and Groom halfway through exit kissing
Bride and Groom kissing with guests raising their hands in celebration portrait
Bride and Groom next to each other of golf course
Groom kissing Bride on the forehead
Bride leading Groom by holding his hand on the green
Closeup of Bride holding bouquet and Bride putting earring on
Groom holding Bride's train helping her walk across golf green
Groom holding Bride's hand walking across golf course
Bride and Groom kissing slightly obscured by flowing veil
Bride and Groom holding hands entering Reception building
Bride and Groom holding each other for First dance
Bride and Groom on dance floor for first dance
Detail shot of Reception table
Bride and Groom by DJ stand listening to flower girl speech Reception
Bride and Groom holding each other on curving staircase
Groom nuzzling Bride outdoor by the greenery
Bride and Groom nuzzling their noses on the golf course
Bride holding Groom's face by koi pond
Bride and Groom dancing by golf course water area
Bride and Groom holding hands on sidewalk together
B&W Bride and Groom kissing under tunnel
Bride and Groom kissing behind the waterfall
Bride and Groom cutting wedding cake together Reception
Bride feeding Groom bite of cake during Reception

August 9, 2021

Kamehameha Golf Course Wedding Photography

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