Catering: Food for the Soul Maui | Florist: Petaloom Floral | Hair and Makeup: Bree Rubin Hair | Bride and Bridesmaid Attire: David’s Bridal | Groom and Groomsmen Attire: JC Penney | DJ: DJ Dan

Casey and Devon had such a beautiful wedding here in Lahaina Hawaii. The two met at a local bar while in grad school, and have been inseparable ever since. They love to travel. In fact, their first vacation together was in Santorini, Greece. When it came to deciding where to get married, they knew that the beautiful islands of Hawaii would be the perfect fit. Their wedding day took tons of inspiration from the islands themselves, and was full of vibrant color. Everyone had such a great time, and you could really feel the love from all around.

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Bride getting hair done by stylist getting ready
Detail shot of hot pink heel white garter and wedding band
Mother helping Bride get dress zipped up getting ready
Bride with her dress on after mother helping put on dress
Bridesmaids in different color dresses looking at Bride ready in wedding dress
Bridesmaids reacting to Bride in wedding dress after getting ready
Bride getting earring on closeup and fully ready in dress
Bride with mother by side inside in getting ready room
Groom adjusting cuff outside after getting ready
Closeup of Groom adjusting cuff with square cuff link
Detail shot of palm leaf with table lists on double doors
Detail shot of rectangular table with white table cloth with tropical fruit and flowers
Detail shot of sweetheart table with tropical flowers with fruit and wooden arch with tropical flower
Groom awaiting Bride by arch and Bride entering Bride with bouquet in hand
Wide shot of Bride entering outdoor Ceremony with guests standing and Groom watching
Bride and Groom holding hands with officiant giving homily
Groom tearing up during outdoor Ceremony with Bride holding hands
Bride and Groom watching officiant during Homily for outdoor Ceremony
Shot of guests sitting for Ceremony with mountains in the background with clouds touching the tops
Bride giving vows to Groom with officiant holding microphone for outdoor Ceremony
Bride and Groom giving vows for outdoor Ceremony
Bride and Groom looking at audience during outdoor Ceremony
Just married Bride and Groom kissing during Ceremony with a dip
Bride and Groom raising hands in celebration after being pronounced husband and Wife
Bride and Groom holding hands walking on stone path by greenery
Bride and Groom kissing with wedding party celebrating next to them
Bride with Bridesmaids in different colored dresses and holding bright bouquets outside
Bride and Groom side by side with Bride holding colorful bouquet outside
Bride and Groom holding hands and looking the opposite direction by green plants
Groom holding Bride from behind and looking into her eyes outside
Groom holding Bride from behind and looking into her eyes outside
Bride and Groom looking at each other while in green trees around them
Bride and Groom looking at each other next to tropical greenery
Bride and Groom dipping and kissing by greenery
Groom kissing Bride on the forehead out on grassy field with pink flowers with the sun setting
Wide shot of outdoor reception with white chairs and tables
Groom kissing Bride on cheek as she looks behind surrounded by greenery
Bride and Groom kissing by branches with flowers
Bride and Groom holding each other and resting each other by greenery
Detail shot of ocean with greenery landscape
Detail shot of cocktail bar with lime ine glass and flower centerpieces on Reception table
Detail shot of table number and fruit by sweetheart table
Detail shot of wedding band with tropical bouquet
Bride and Groom kissing while holding cocktail drinks
Detail shot of palm trees with smoky mountains in the distance
Guests celebrating as Bride and Groom entering Ceremony together
Guests gathered around wedding arch socializing
Bride and Groom holding hands and entering Reception together
Bride and Groom holding hands for first dance in the daylight
Father daughter fun dance for outdoor reception by the water
Bride after dancing with father at outdoor Reception
Mother son dance at Reception with guests watching
Detail closeup shot of sushi rolls topped with sauce with platter
Groom kissing Bride on the hand by the pool as the sun sets
Wide shot of outdoor Reception with lights hanging at night
Bride and Groom holding each other close and about to cut wedding cake with floral decor
Bride and Groom about to cut wedding cake together
Guests eating at outdoor nighttime Reception

October 5, 2021

Lahaina Hawaii Wedding Photography

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