Nothing gets me more excited about a Maui elopement than having a super creative twist on the day.

Enter Kelsey and Jose. Kelsey is a florist herself, so you know she had an expert eye on making everything extra gorgeous. Despite having a disability Kelsey did not let this hold her back from being adventurous and she had a strong vision of what she wanted for her wedding day.

Kelsey wanted a location ‘off the beaten path’ in Maui. She didn’t want other people close by, and she wanted stunning views. Having been a photographer for long time here in Maui I knew I could make this happen for her!

Kelsey chose to work with Floralette for her bouquet and Jose’s boutonniere. Kelsey is a full time wheelchair user, so while we wanted to make sure we captured the lush environment of Hawaii, we also needed to make sure the area was accessible. I ended up scouting the *perfect* location off the beaten path for them, it was wheelchair accessible (with a little help) and everything was absolutely stunning.

From their all black looks, to Kelsey’s incredible crown, and their lust for life- the day was perfectly them and totally breathtaking. After I delivered their photos, this is what Kelsey had to say:

“We really cannot thank you enough! Our photos are GORGEOUS!!! The last few days we’ve been reliving the moments, thank you so much for everything! “

Planning your own Maui wedding with a disability? Contact me here to get started!

Individual portraits of wheel-chaired Bride and Groom out in green tropical forrest
First Look of Bride in wheel chair approaching Groom with back turned on dirt trail surrounded by greenery
Groom's reaction to seeing Bride with bouquet in wheel chair in tropical forrest
inter-able Bride and Groom reacting to having first look outside
Portrait of inter-able Bride and Groom looking at each other in the tropical green forest
Groom leaning down and hugging wheel chaired Bride with bouquet in tropical forest
Outdoor personal ceremony for inter-able couple with sun shining
Reaction shots of Bride and Groom looking at each other for Ceremony outside
Bride and Groom looking at each other with officiant outside by cliff side with water
Groom leaning forward to out ring on Bride in wheel chair for outdoor Ceremony
Just married inter-able Bride and Groom kissing by cliff side water for outdoor Ceremony
Bride and Groom portrait outdoor by the water
Family portrait of inter-able Bride and Groom kissing and family raising hands celebrating by the cliff side
Bride and Groom kissing with island in the distance by the water
Groom leaning down looking at wheel chaired Bride with bouquet
Portraits of Bride in the wheel chair with crown and holding bouquet
Inter-able Bride and Groom looking at each other by the waterside of the island
Groom kissing wheel chaired Bride on the cheek outside
Inter-able Bride and Groom portrait island side
Bride and Groom holding hands outside
Closeup shot of Bride and Groom with faces next to each other
Bride and Groom portrait with overcast on green golf field
Groom hugging wheel chaired Bride by the water
Groom holding Bride in arms by the ocean water

Why Elope?

Eloping with disability allows you more financial freedom, less stress, and more fun from a traditional wedding. There are many pro’s to eloping!

June 21, 2022

Eloping in Maui with a disability

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