A Maui Waterfall Wedding is a beautiful idea! What better than the sound of the crashing water behind you when you’re saying your vows, and the peace and quiet of the jungle? However there is a caveat, most waterfalls on Maui are either on private property or are ‘Kapu’ meaning forbidden, as they are either sacred waters that feed the Taro patches below, or they are just a ‘no go’ for visitors.

Having been a photographer on Maui for the past 14 years I like to honor the culture here, and abide by the ‘unwritten’ rules out of the utmost respect. So with that being said, you can do a waterfall wedding here in Maui. You just have to know where and when to go, we use Twin Falls which is privately owned and we pay the landowner a fee for their generosity.

Kelsey and Brandon, and all my couples who choose to have a waterfall wedding in Maui, had to get up super early to beat the crowds. We shoot at sunrise for two reasons, little / no people, and the light. Once the sun comes up strong, you get those pesky shadows that us natural light photographers hate.

After their waterfall ceremony, we took a five minute drive back towards town and got a few photos over on the cliffside on the North Shore of Maui. It never fails to be windy over there but I love the dramatic look of the photos.

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May 17, 2024

Maui Waterfall Wedding – Brandon and Kelsey

Maui Elopement Photographer

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