There’s nothing I love more than a beautiful, oceanfront Royal Lahaina Resort wedding. Sarafina and Chris were set up during their senior year of college and have been together for over 7.5 years now. They are both engineers who work in the construction world, and now they get to build their life together. First, we started the day off at Royal Lahaina Resort to get ready with Simply Beauty Maui. Sarafina had a beautiful dress from Bijou Bridal. Then, we headed out to the ceremony with the most beautiful ocean views. After the ceremony, we headed out for some sunset portraits. Before we knew it, it was time to dance the night away under the stars with Maui DJ Services. Everything was so stunning and the perfect day for the perfect couple.

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Detail shot of wedding dress hanging on sliding glass window and heels
Groom Getting Ready putting on jacket inside
Groom after Getting Ready in Navy suit with white flower boutonniere
Detail shot of wedding heels with jewelry and ring
Bride Getting ready having makeup done by artist
Portrait of Bride and Mother getting ready
Bride putting earrings on and getting help putting on heels
Bride with Bridesmaids after getting ready inside
Detail shot of white flower isle on grass
Bride entering Ceremony with Father and Groom's reaction outside
Wide shot of Bride with Father going down the aisle for outdoor Ceremony
Bride and Groom holding hands during outdoor Ceremony
Bride and Groom about to put on rings during outdoor Ceremony with officiant
Wide shot of Bride and Groom holding hands with guests watching
Just married Bride and Groom kissing and being announced husband and wife for outdoor Ceremony
Quirky Bride and Groom holding hands up celebrating exiting Ceremony
Bride and Groom kissing with family celebrating surrounding them
Groom and Groomsmen looking at each other with arms around each other outside
Bride and Bridesmaids with bouquets outside
Bride and Groom kissing by the ocean side with veil flowing
Portrait of Bride and Groom by the Oceanside and kissing
Groom kissing Bride on the cheek on the beach by the ocean
Bride and Groom kissing on the Beach with beautiful clouds by the ocean
Groom holding Bride up on the beach
Groom holding up Bride and kissing by the ocean
Groom holding Bride from behind and kissing her on the cheek on the beach
Groom holding Bride from behind and kissing her on the cheek on the beach
Portrait of Bride with bouquet on the beach
Groom with greenery around shoulders on the beach
Bride and Groom resting their heads by greenery and bright flowers
Detail shots of table settings and floral decor for Reception
Bride and Groom entering nighttime Reception
Bride and Groom nighttime outdoor first dance
Bride and Groom cheering at sweetheart table
Shot from behind sweetheart table for nighttime Reception with lights
Detail shot of pictures and wedding book and Bride and Groom kissing for Cake Cutting

June 22, 2023

Royal Lahaina Resort Wedding Photography

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