Which is the best island for your wedding ?

Hawaii is made up of 8 main islands. Two of the islands are inaccessible to the general public. However here’s a quick run-down of which island I think is the best for your Hawaii wedding and why.

Oahu wedding.

Oahu is known as ‘The Gathering Place’ is the most developed of the islands. The airport is the main hub for Hawaii so if you’re looking you can usually find the cheapest deals to this island. In addition there’s a huge choice of accommodation and variety of places to stay. However the downsides are – there’s crazy bad traffic around the Honolulu area. My favorite spots? I love the North Shore and Lanikai the beaches are unreal, and above all super white sand and aqua colored water.

Maui Wailea Wedding Bride and Groom kissing on the beach

Kaua’i wedding.

Known as ‘The Garden Isle’ Kauai is super green and lush, but it rains alot on this island (For instance it’s the second wettest place on Earth). If you’re planning your Hawaii wedding here you’ll get stunning waterfalls, and above all, really beautiful scenery. Downside – you might get rained out. My favorite spot? I love Hanalei Bay and Waimea Canyon.

Hawaii wedding.

‘The big island’ of Hawaii has some really diverse landscape, but it’s really spread out. It’s twice as big as any of the other islands and it’s still growing! The downside is – vog (volcano fog) from the active lava flow, it will often get washed out, white skies because of the vog. My favorite spot? I love to go to Waimea and Punalu’u black sand beach.

Hawaii Haleakala Wedding Bride and Groom

Maui Wedding.

‘The valley isle’ Maui has it all in my opinion! Varied landscapes, easy access to everything, and all the modern conveniences you need. Downsides, none? Maybe cost, the Maui resorts can be pricey. My favorite spots? There are too many to mention, however here’s two – Haleakala, and Hana.

Lana’i wedding.

‘The pineapple Isle’ is 98% privately owned by Larry Ellison. If you choose to get married here it would need to be at the Four Seasons Resort on Lanai’i. My favorite spot? Hulopo’e Beach for the amazing sand and protected reef.

Molokai Wedding.

‘The friendly isle’ Moloka’i is where you’ll really get a feel for the Hawaiian way of life. There are friendly people, rugged and rustic scenery, above all, Molokai is like stepping back in time. One of my favorite things to do there was hike Pala’au state park. Checkout my Molokai wedding on the blog here.

Hawaii Molokai Wedding beach location

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May 2, 2020

Which island is best for your Hawaii wedding?

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