Here are some of my favorite Maui engagement photo locations.

Thinking of popping the question and getting engaged while you’re out here on Maui? Gone are the days of going out for dinner and simply asking him/her while you’re there. If you’re on Maui, there are some AMAZING places you can take engagement photos.

Why not make it special?

And what a story to tell all those back at home when you return! The first thing to do is check in with a local photographer, they will know all the best spots. You’ll be able get awesome photos, wow your husband or wife to be. You’ll also and make it more thoughtful by picking somewhere that’ll completely surprise them!

1.Haleakala Engagement Photos

Maui’s dormant volcano Haleakala, is a beautiful experience at sunrise. You are 10,000 feet above the sea watching the clouds part and the sun come up. It is serenely peaceful and the colors are amazing!

Haleakala Engagement Photos

2. Jungle Engagement Photos

Maui has some amazing scenery, not to mention the beautiful Jurassic-park like jungles we have on this island. Why not take your hones exploring through a magical landscape and pop the question while you’re at it? Talk to your photographer about the best spots to go to.

Maui Jungle Engagement Photo

3. Beach Engagement Photos

We all know the beaches here are wonderful, you can take a stroll and enjoy whale watching (in season) and surprise her by dropping to your knee right there!

Maui beach engagement photos

4. Cliff Engagement Photos

Maui has some really dramatic lava rock cliffs you can use for your Maui engagement photos. You get amazing views of the island, you can see turtles and whales from above. Why not make it more special by bringing your own bottle of wine to enjoy the view. After that, asking your love to marry you as the sun sets over the ocean?

Maui cliff engagement photos

5. Poli Poli Engagement Photos

Maui is mostly known for it’s beaches, but we have some cooler forests up on the mountainside of Haleakala. There’s redwood trees and misty air. The locals like to come up here at sunset with a bbq. Watching the sun as it sets dip down into the water.

Poli Poli Engagement Photos

We have plenty more ideas where these came from. If you’d like to chat more about planning your Maui Engagement Photos, you can reach us here.

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March 26, 2020

5 Best Places for Maui engagement photos

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