All couples need to remember to take time to connect with each other. Date nights are a great way to remember why you are together.

If Covid has thrown a spanner in the works for your trip to Maui, and even in your relationship, try these ideas to reconnect.

And after trying these ideas out, when we are safe and able to travel again you can book some couples photos out here in Maui to remember your time together.

Couples Photography in the bedroom

Spa Day

Couples face masks, bubble baths, a glass of wine in hand. Treat each other to a massage. We’re starting our couples ideas off spicy today! If you need to make homemade face scrubs or massage oil, there’s many ideas on Pinterest.

Pizza Night

Because what couples don’t love Pizza? You can make your own from scratch and get wild! I just did this the other night, fresh mozzarella and all your fave toppings? You can’t go wrong! You can even make a ‘Hawaiian Pizza’ (insert eyeroll)


Learn a Tok-Tok dance together, yes, yes we all know Tik-Tok can be kinda cheesy, but heck it’s not just for teenagers! You can have fun learning a dance and what better way to up your spirits and relieve stress with your love during the lockdown than laughing together?

Take out

There’s so many options now for getting take-our delivered to your door, (like Uber Eats) light some candles, set the mood with music, you can even find restaurant themed music playlists on Spotify (Try Italian Restaurant) and pretend you’re at your favorite spot with your love! BYOB optional.

Build a Fort

Just like when we were kids, forts are still fun! Throw some cushions on the floor, strings some lights, make popcorn, and put on a movie. Avoid Covid and chill with your love. Checkout this fort on Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/262264378278679826/

Wine tasting

Get a flight of wine mailed to you – https://www.tastingroom.com/ and to up the ante you can even make it a contest between you!

Couples Photography in the bedroom


Now is the time to plan your next trip in detail! Write out all your top destinations, and research where you want to go to next, there’s no reason to let the coronavirus put you off travel altogether. You could even plan your destination wedding! When things are back to normal, all your favorite destinations will still be there, and they will be needing your business.

Picnic party

Layout a blanket (indoors or out) and arrange a full spread of picnic-able small bites. Sharing food as a couple promotes bonding so there’s no reason to let that slide if you’re under a lockdown.

Board game fun

Pick your favorite game (I love bringing back the oldies I loved when I was a kid like scrabble and monopoly) and challenge your lover to a match! Friendly rivalry between couples is good for getting you fired up and connecting about something out of the ordinary.

Learn a new language

Did you have travel plans that got thrown off because of the Coronavirus? This is a perfect time to become fluent in the language of the country you are going to travel to so that when the time comes, you’ll be able to converse with the locals like a pro! Try Babbel.

Photo Session

Many photographers have been offering ‘virtual’ photo sessions during lockdown. You simply need to have a phone setup on something (a tripod is ideal, but not essential) and your photographer can get some great shots of you together from their screen via a live feed like Skype. Reach out to your favorite photographer to find out more.

Ready to travel?

When you’re ready to travel to Maui and have an adventure date with your love, talk to me and we’ll take some amazing waterfall/ hiking photos! You can email me here.

April 23, 2020

10 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas For Couples

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