Choosing a wedding photographer for your wedding in Maui is one of the most important decisions for your wedding day. The flowers, food and decor will be gone but the pictures will remain forever. I know there are so many photographers to choose from, and so this makes it one of the hardest decisions you’ll make and definitely also one of the more expensive. There are so many different styles and budgets, so which one is right for you?

As a witness to weddings and having been in the wedding industry for the last 12 years, I’ve seen photographers who aren’t very friendly, and are quite demanding of their couple. This approach did not appeal to me, I want my couples to feel at ease, happy, and taken care of on their wedding day, not forced to do things they may not want to do, ie spending a large amount of time away from their family and friends on one of the most important days of their lives.

Here are my tips on how to choose a Wedding Photographer.


One of the main things you need to think about when choosing a photographer is the style of wedding photography. There are so many styles to choose from… Browse the internet, instagram and Pinterest and see what style stands out to you. Once you’ve decided, make a list of photographers who’s style is to your liking.

Styles available –

PHOTOJOURNALISTIC PHOTOGRAPHER– (Reportage) This style of photography is all about capturing images on the fly. This is the style of photography that I mostly emulate, however I do step in when needed to direct if the lighting or angle needs to be changed. This style of photography is perfect if you don’t like being the center of attention, or want to spend too long being told what to do. The images are mostly candid, and aim to convey a feeling rather than too many posed shots.

TRADITIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY– More than likely this is what you parents think of when they think of wedding photography, the photographer guides the majority of the images. You will spend much time perfecting poses and possibly moving to different locations. The emphasis is on the perfect pose, and also group and formal shots.

CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY– This style of photography may use artificial lighting to create beautiful images, the emphasis is creating wall-worthy images, and posed portraits. They can make use of the background you have to create stunning images that you would never have guessed were taken where they were. This is awesome if your venue leaves much to be desired, or is lacking in certain features/beauty.


Weddings can get very expensive, and yes the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ applies.

As a photographer myself what people dont realize is that this can be an expensive business to run. The equipment and insurance is in the thousands, and add to that training, maintenance, software, and accountants, this sh*t get’s expensive y’all!

A lot of wedding blogs and magazines will recommend that you spend at least 10% of your total wedding budget on a photographer. Yes, you can get a family member or friend who has an expensive camera to photograph your day but will they have experience of shooting wedding, and be able to withstand the pressure on the day and think on the fly?

When you’re searching for a photographer, if you find one you love, try to work out a way to stretch your budget to use them. You won’t regret it when you look at your photos years down the line, but when you use someone who you don’t enjoy, THAT you will regret. Some photographers (myself included ) also offer payment plans. So don’t be afraid to ask!


Choosing a photographer who is experienced can make ALL the difference on your wedding day. Being able to make snap decisions, handle inclement weather, venue changes, lighting it is all a lot of pressure for someone who has little experience, not to mention the backing up of the images so nothing is lost!

Ask your prospective photographer how many years they’ve been in full-time business and how many weddings they’ve shot. Having a portfolio full of styled shoots that look good is one thing, but actually getting out there and shooting real world weddings is a whole different ballgame.

Having backup equipment is one thing experienced photographers know to bring, that many new to the industry don’t. If one camera were to fail, who would be left to document your day?


A photographer who has been in the business for a while should be able to show you reviews from past clients. Read the reviews and see that what they are saying aligns with the experience you want to have. My business has many 5* reviews across the internet, which you can see here.

Also check out their Facebook and Google pages too.


If possible try and meet a photographer beforehand or at least have a FaceTime call. Here you will get to know them and their personality better. Remember they will be the one supplier spending most of the day with you so you need to like each other and get on.

See how you feel in their presence do you feel relaxed and at ease? Or do you feel uncomfortable? Hey we all vibe with different people, it’s important that this person is your kind of person!


This goes along the same lines as experience, what is their plan should something happen to them if they get sick or injured? You are welcome to ask your photographer that before booking.


All professional businesses should have a contract written and signed between you both. This gives you and the photographer peace of mind and makes sure you’re on the same page.


At the end of the day no matter what anyone else says this is YOUR decision, don’t go with a certain photographer just because your friend or aunt Linda did. Choose someone who aligns with you and your vision. And once you’ve decided, act fast! We get many inquiries per year, and many for the same date. Once your contract is signed and retainer paid, the date is yours!

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April 11, 2024

How to choose a Wedding Photographer in Maui

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