Planning what to wear for your engagement photos in Maui can be tough. If you’re not sure what the climate is like, or what colors will go with each other, or even if you need shoes or not, you NEED to read this.

For instance we have generally have great weather all year round in Maui, but occasionally we have small rainstorms come through. (We are in the tropics after all) With that being said it’s always good to have some layering options on hand for your photo session outfits. Maui weather can change quickly and is often breezy. It’s nice to have something to throw around your shoulders if you need.

Confused over what to wear, or even where to take them I got you covered! Are wondering which beach to get engaged on? Checkout this blog post for my top locations for getting engaged on Maui.

Maui Engagement Photos couple kissing on the sand, outfit inspiration what to wear.

1.Wear something you’re comfortable in.

Comfort is key! Being comfortable in soft and lightweight clothing that is easy to move around in is very important.

Above all the humidity in Maui can make close fitting clothing too uncomfortable so bear that in mind. If you’re not comfortable in your Hawaii engagement photos it’ll show in your body language and photos.

2. Bring a change of outfits.

If you book a two hour engagement session you’ll easily have time for a change of outfits.

However check with your photographer, they will know what will work and what wont within your timeframe. Adding a change of clothes allows for some variety in there!

3. Choose simple colors.

You want simple colors that don’t detract from your pretty faces! Earth and neutral tones. I like colors that blend with the natural surroundings. Browns, tans, blues greens, mustards, burnt orange, deep red like the soil, green, cream. Add visual interest with texture in the material and accessories. One person in a print also looks great, however avoid both wearing prints.

4. Get a mani/pedi.

Having nice manicured nails is a must if you’re taking close-ups of your hands for that all important ring shot. Having polished fingers and toes also makes you feel more confident about your appearance so it’s a win / win. There are lots of nail spas in Maui dotted around the island. And don’t forget to wear your ring!

5. Don’t worry too much about shoes.

If you’re on the beach in Maui you can go barefoot or wear sandals. (Slippers we call them in Hawaii) You can easily slide them on and off. You definitely won’t need high heeled shoes for beach photos. If your engagement photos will be somewhere more formal, a venue for instance, or a hotel or even in a town, choose a shoe that has comfort and style. Wedges are a great dressy but more casual summery look for engagement photos.

6. Match in style but not in color.

You don’t want to both wear the exact same color for your Maui engagement photos. As a photographer, we want you to think about a color ‘theme’ rather than matchy matchy. I.e both have items of clothing with cream in them, like this couple below. You want to show your own individuality and also appear to tie in colors with each other.

Maui Engagement Photos couple kissing on the sand, outfit inspiration what to wear.

7. Consider wearing bathing suits if you’re on the beach.

I LOVE bathing suit photo shoots. I think they look so natural, in the moment, and exciting. When you’re planning what to wear for your Maui engagement photos, bathing suits are a simple option! And no one will wonder where you took your photos if you’re frolicking around in the ocean, what a great way to scream Hawaii in your photos! Similarly, you can go all the way in the water! If you’re concerned about the way you look in your photos and need a little cover up, women can wear a shawl, or kimono, men can wear an open Hawaiian style shirt.

8. Consider using a hair and makeup artist.

This isn’t a must-do. However, if you’re getting married out here in Hawaii, a great thing to do is to have your hair and make-up trial before your engagement shoot. Kill two birds with one stone! In other words when else are you going to get this glam and want to look your best other than your actual wedding day? You’re investing into your photos so you could make them extra special so you feel your absolute best.

9. Props.

Maui is beautiful all on it’s own, however sunglasses, hats, blankets, shawls all add visual interest to photos. Feel free to bring all the extras you like!

10. Above all show your personality.

Your photos should be a true representation of you! If you live day to day in cute jean shorts and tops, and you’re totally not a dress kinda gal wear shorts for your photos, you can make them more glam! For instance dress them up with a hat and a belt.

Best places to shop: Revolve, Nordstrom, H&M, Baltic Born, Zara, Banana Republic, lulus surf shops like Billabong and RipCurl have some great mens clothes and womens printed dresses. Hats – Gigi Pip

Maui Engagement Photos couple, engaement ring  outfit inspiration what to wear.

April 11, 2021

What to wear for your Maui Engagement Photos

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