If you’re looking for a few non-traditional wedding ideas for your Maui Wedding, here’s a good place to start-

Weddings these days are less and less cookie cutter and more about staying true to yourselves. Who wants tradition, when you can go the non-traditional route and express your own style, personalities and quirks on your wedding day. The dress, to the music, the food, the location and above all the style are all ways to let your personality shine on your wedding day.

non-traditional wedding ideas

1. Eloping

Long gone are the days of needing to spend a huge amount of money, that could be otherwise spent on buying a home, an amazing honeymoon or other important milestones on your wedding day. For instance you could have your wedding in Maui or another destination location, which would make the wedding more about the two of you, and less about everyone else.

2. Get married on a boat

Because who says you need to be on dry land to tie the knot? You might be blessed with dolphins, whales, turtles and if you’re lucky, rainbows if you get married on a boat. Hows that for a non-traditional wedding?

3. Have a friend officiate

Its super easy to get ordained these days. There are pro’s and cons of course. A friend can be a fun way to incorporate someone from home in your wedding day, if, however, they are’nt really good at public speaking, the ceremony can seem rushed and unclear. So make sure they know their stuff. Getting clear on where you should stand, how you want to walk in etc is key beforehand if you want your ceremony to go down without a hitch.

4. No ceremony

‘What?!’ I hear you say! How can you get married without a ceremony? You can go to a courthouse and sign your documents, or you can hire a photographer who is ordained (like me). We can hike to somewhere amazing, you say your heartfelt words, and I can legally officiate your wedding in Maui!

5. Wedding Dress Alternatives

Who says you need to wear white? You could wear florals in Hawaii! You can wear a grey, pink, blue or even black dress! There are also some really cool wedding jumpsuits available now. I say break all the rules. Especially if your wedding is in Maui where anything goes.

6. Non -Traditional Bouquet

Non-traditional bouquets are easy to find on Etsy you can even get some made out of wire, buttons, or even Hello Kitty brooches. Hows that for creative?! You can bring the bouquet home from your Maui wedding instead of throwing it away. Some great trends right now are the wire, geometric wreath hoops (you can add real or artificial flowers to these), and also all green bouquets.

7. Bubbles instead of confetti

Whenever I perform a wedding in Maui, I always let my couples know to leave the land exactly as we found it. Bubbles are a great and pretty way to celebrate that walk down the aisle without making a big ‘ol mess to clear up afterwards. If bubbles don’t take your fancy, then think about using something eco-friendly like leaves, lavender, rice, bird seed (if you are on the beach, you will need to clean up anything left behind, so bear that in mind. )

8. Grooms-people and Brides-people

If you’re a bride and your bestie is a guy, he can be on your side, and vice versa. There’s no need these days to keep the ‘guys with the guys’ and ‘girls with the girls’. I believe anything goes!

9. Guestbook alternatives

I’ve seen surfboards, wooden maps, corks, small wooden hearts that were displayed in a frame, all used as guestbooks. Checkout Etsy for some great ideas.

non-traditional wedding ideas

10. First Look

Love them or hate them, these are a great way to calm your pre-ceremony nerves if you’re feeling them. You can meet somewhere quiet, ahead of the ceremony. You cry, kiss, hug, in addition you can even write some words you’d like to share with each other. It’s a really special way to connect, and I think adds something extra to your wedding day, allowing you to pause for a moment together on what will otherwise be a very busy day!

11. Morning Wedding

Who says you need to get married at sunset?! I’ve photographed many sunrise weddings. In the morning beaches are empty, the skies are pastel colored, and in addition there is often less wind. It’s a serene time of day. And next, you get to go for brunch with your guests, and chill at the pool all day drinking Mai Tai’s.

non-traditional wedding ideas

12. Go camping

A camping wedding?! Yes for all you adventurers out here, what is more romantic, than sitting by the fire embers snuggled up watching the stars? Pack your things up in a camper adventure on the road to Hana. If you get married on a remote beach you’ll end the evening in your own world completely surrounded by nature (and s’mores instead of a wedding cake).

13. A donut bar instead of cake

Because who doesn’t love donuts? These are a great modern alternative to wedding cake. I mean, I love cake, however I will say these donuts looked delicious!

non-traditional wedding ideas

14. Unique Locations

I know getting married in Hawaii is a little ‘different’ to your usual venue back at home. Infact you can even take it one step further, what about a non-traditional wedding in Hawaii. Getting married on Haleakala, Maui’s dormant volcano is a brave move (It’s cold but very beautiful). Or in a magical hidden away botanical garden in Kula.

non-traditional wedding ideas

15. Wedding Themed Pinata

Yes this is a thing! Get a pinata specially made, in the style of a wedding cake, or something meaningful to you, and fill it with treats of your choice. A guaranteed good time for your wedding guests!

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February 26, 2020

15 Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

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